Parents from the U7 Team

“Good overall, shown improvement in discipline.”
Adnan Aboueid

“It’s great to be a part of Glenroy FC. My son is trying to learn. Soccer coaches are great.”

“This season was very good. I am happy with my children’s progress. They have improved a lot. So far, so good, I cannot ask for more.”
Mangal Lama.

“Anirudh enjoyed his team very much. It is his 1st year and he learned about kicking goals. He loves being part of the team. Special thanks to Ramiz and Ninb for being so patient with the boys.”
Apasna Rallabhandi

“Very good. Child happy. More than happy. ill come back next year for sure. Very happy with coaches performance.”
Ismail Ibrahim

Parents from the U8 Team

“Great improvement in both skills and discipline. My son loves coming to training and always wants to improve.”
Adnan Aboueid

Great sessions. My son at last developed the excitement for soccer even though he is still a beginner.
Syeda Fatima

“Great season for my son and the team. I saw a lot of improvement, thanks to the coaches.”
Khaled El Kurdi

“Club was very inviting, which help my kids learn. Coaches were friendly and engaging which also helped my kids’ confidence. My kids still need to learn more about soccer, but this year has built their confidence and social skills etc.”
Chris Spiteri

“Been very happy with the communication and development of my son. They were very good at getting him to calm down when in a mood and participate in a team environment.”
Nathan Chappel

“Good overall, has shown improvement considering he is a beginner. Happy with the club and everyone is friendly.”
Azar Bidane



Parents from the U9 Team

“I’m happy with how my son is going and thank the coaches for pushing him more as m son has been learning a lot.”
Adnan Hormis

“My son loves the club, says everyone is lovely. The coaches are amazing and struggled to find any ways that they can improve.”
Suhemi Zhang

“Son had his first year of soccer and has massively improved. He is enjoying soccer more and more. the club is wonderful. I cannot complain about anything.”
Basman Khawaja

“Son always likes it. Thanks to the coaches, I really appreciate the commitment. It’s a good club.”
Sengpichl Corsten

“Happy with the coaches teaching them very well.”
Faruk Seymen.

“It has the best sport for my boys, they have enjoyed every step of this way. Keep up the great work!”
Nurto Mohamed

Parents from the U10 Team

“Son has seen significant improvement to his footballing ability. He is absolutely in love with everything, about the club including training and thinks everything is perfect.”
Khaled Ahmad Osmani

“Happy with the club, son enjoys the training and the coaches. My son as improve and wants to improve more.”
Ismail Eltahaway

“My son has grown up and has gained a lot of confidence since joining Glenroy Lions FC. The coach has done a wonderful job to train the kids.”
Suresh Chetri

“My son been having a lot of fun and learning at the same time. The coaches have been grea with the kids too and I’m happy with the club.”
Fawzi Omer

“Increasing lots of confidence and learning great team works. Very family based club, love it!”
Shuhsien Tsou.

“This was Lac’s first season with Glenroy Lions. I have to say it’s one of the best clubs I have been supporting – so family orientated and friendly. We feel so welcome. The people are incredible, very professional. the coaches have also done a wonderful job with the kids, week in and week out they are always there.”
Chris Skaftaros

“My son is a beginner, but he did well the whole year, enjoying the learning. The coach helped him out a lot and hey are very co-operative, helping and loving. We enjoy a lot – thanks.”
Mir Hyder Ali.

“My son has enjoyed his time here. Coaches, staff, parents and players have all been very inclusive.”
Kaye Hanrahon

Parents from the U11 Yellow Team

“Very friendly coach and very impressive. Good trining and happy with all service and training – thanks.”
Rahindra Shrestra

“Rayyan had a very nice time, his first year ever in soccer and he greatly improved. The environment is friendly and flexible. Thank you!”
Mahmoud Hanafy

“We are very happy with the coaching, especially Simon, he is a very good coach. My son really enjoyed the game and he wanted to come again next yea. This is the best club and Simon always helps his team to improve, thanks.”
Aradhana Sareen

“What a great club! I was lucky to play at the club somewhat 35 years ago and now I get to see my son Christian play. Great organisation, all heart.”
Thanos Stylianou.

“This year was an amazing year for the whole team. They won so many games and the coaches were amazing.”
Halime El Hawli

“My son as enjoyed being par of the club. He is always exited and we look forward to having him back next season. Thank you for welcoming us.”
May Maetnjenya.

“Jonas has enjoyed playing and training during the year. he coached and safe have been extremely accomodating and the club has been professional. Thank you!”
Sonia Santos

Parents from the U11 Red Team

“My son has improve a lot, especially in games. I have seen his skills increase and him become more mature and disciplined as a person.”
Adeeb Taloo.

“My 3rd child in this club. Improvement is obvious and demeanour has matured in my son. His football knowledge is growing with every season. I see him falling in love with the sport more every week.”
Adnan Abouzeid.

“Great coaches and club. My son has loved being a part of the club and he can’t wait to come back next year!”
Roba Elkadi

“Omer enjoyed a lot in this club. He liked the crowd. I love this coaches. Highly appreciated their dedicated effort.”
Humaira Sultano.

“It was my sons first year at the club and he enjoyed the year immensely and he can’t wait to come back next year.”
Mohamed Abou-eid Omar

“This is an excellent club. The coaches of the under 11s are exceptional, teaching teamwork and sportsmanship. Well done GLFC.”
Robert Barwick

Parents from the U12 Girls Team

“Wonderful team environment, great coaches, inclusive. Always feels like family and love being a part of the club.”
Kristen Haddad

“I was so impressed with the club in the way the girls are encouraged to participate. The coaches always supported the girls to try their best, no matter what the outcome. This is our first season here and is a fantastic family environment, brilliant!! So much time and effort put into supporting the girls.”
Chris Skaftorias.

“Improvement was very good this season and coaches were good. The club was very friendly and accomodating to the girls. Happy with the experience.”
Nathan Chapel.

“It’s such a great team. We’ve been through many difficulties, but we work it out as a team, looking after each other as a family. It’s lovely to see girls grow together, trust each other and help each other.”
Shuhsien Tsou

“I am happy with how the club operates and I also thank the coaches very much for pushing my daughter and helping her develop new skills and leadership.”

Parents from the U13 Team

“We are very happy with this club. You guys are all amazing.”
Hezna Khadeida

“My son thoroughly loves playing soccer at Glenroy Lions and doesn’t want to miss any training. He feels motivated, cared for and looked after. I am very happy with the club. Thank you so much!”
Shruti Shrustha

“We really appreciated what you’ve done with our son. You did a great job. Keep going! Thank you.”
Nikolaos Zimaras

“Excellent coaching and training. Boys appeared to develop extremely well during the course of the season.”
Sandro Lofaro.

Parents from the U15 Team

“My boys has been here for 9 years and have immensely improved. I am very grateful for this club”
Francis Sleiman

“This club is fantastic. Arqam is the best coach, goal keeper i the bet too.”
Ipris Khalifa

“My son’s been with this club for 5 years now. I’ve got nothing bad to say about the club. The coaches teaching methods really works, it improves their confidence on and off the ball.”
Ismail Inan

“We started coming to Glenroy Lions FC his year and we have found the club was very friendly, the staff are excellent. Club is very caring and coaches are working had to develop the kids skills and talent every way. I am looking forward to seeing my son continue for his training next year and years to come.”
Ibrahim Aktepe

Parents from the U17 Team

“Outstanding club which supports not only their players but open their doors o the community. Highly recommend this club.”
Ann-Marie Klinkatsis

“Superb coaches who will go out of their way to support their players.”
Angela King